An international provider of Protective Services, Specialized Training & Logistical Support.

We Stand Ready To Support Your Success!

We Stand Ready To Support Your Success!

We protect your assets; your personnel, your property and your reputation. We train your teams in the same manner.
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About Vertus

We are an international provider of protective services and specialized training lead by a team who outwardly reflects our name - courage and resilience, even through adversity. Our Integrity is core to our strength and Vertus is making its mark across the globe.
We serve our Government and the Military, Law Enforcement, Corporate Entities and High Risk Security teams. The needs of these institutions have created within our mission, management and operations an adaptable, responsive socially conscious entity led by experienced professionals.

Why Choose Vertus?

  • Limited Exposure

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  • Reduced Liability

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  • Positive Public Image

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Vertus Awarded Advanced Anti Terrorism/Mobility Driving Course

On April 12th, 2010, Vertus (formerly Special Operations Services, Inc.) was awarded...
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Vertus, Inc. Opens Subsidiary Corporation “Regius, Inc.”

Vertus is expanding and growing and found a need for a compliment to their services...
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Vertus Awarded “Active Shooter Operator Training”

Contract at Fort Hood On April 12th, 2010, Vertus (formerly Special Operations...
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